Arushi Talwar – Hemraj Murder Case Judgement

arushi talwar case

The infamous murder case of Arushi Talwar and Hemraj of 2008 has been decided by the CBI Court today and has sentenced for life imprisonment to both accused.

Here is the complete judgement in PDF Format as well as text has been reproduced below.


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Complete Text Below:

Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
In the Court of Additional Sessions
Judge/Special Judge, Anti-Corruption, C.B.I.,
Present: S. LAL, H.J.S.
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
The State of U.P. Through the C.B.I.
Rajesh Talwar & Another
U/ss 302 r/w Section
34, 201 r/w Section 34
& 203 I.P.C.
The cynosure of judicial determination is the
fluctuating fortunes of the dentist couple Dr. Rajesh
Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar, who have been
arraigned for committing and secreting as also
deracinating the evidence of commission of the
murder of their own adolescent daughter-a beaut
damsel and sole heiress Ms. Aarushi and hapless
domestic aide Hemraj, who had migrated to India
from neighbouring Nepal to eke out living and
attended routinely to the chores of domestic
drudgery at the house of their masters.
The mise en scene is Flat No. L-32, Jalvayu
Vihar, Sector 25, N.O.I.D.A., a suburb of New Delhi.
The Dramatis Personae are Dr. Rajesh Talwar, his
Page 1
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
wife Dr. Nupur Talwar, the accused of this case, Ms.
Aarushi and Hemraj, who were bludgeoned and
thereafter, jugulated to death on the intervening
night of 15/16 May, 2008, Mr. Umesh Sharma and
Mrs. Bharti Mandal.
The parties are ad idem that the case is based
on circumstantial evidence. Skipping expatiation on
prosecution story, a vignette of facts as unveiled is
that on 15.05.2008 at about 09:30 P.M. only Dr.
Rajesh Talwar, Dr. Nupur Talwar, Ms. Aarushi and
Hemraj were last seen in the house by Umesh
Sharma, the driver of Dr. Rajesh Talwar and in the
morning of 16.05.2008 Ms. Aarushi was found dead
in her bedroom, which was adjacent to the bedroom
of accused persons and in between these bedrooms
there was a wooden partition wall. The dead body of
domestic servant Hemraj was found on the terrace
of the house on 17.0.2008 and there is nothing to
suggest that intruder(s) perpetrated this fiendish
and flagitious crime.
Few prefatory facts necessary for unfolding the
sequence of events that followed after the twin
murders are that on 16.05.2008 at about 06:00 A.M.
housemaid Smt. Bharti Mandal arrived as usual at
Flat No. L-32, Jalvayu Vihar and rang the call-bell of
the house but no response came from inside. After
pressing the call-bell second time, she went upstairs
to take mopping bucket. Thereafter, she put
her hand on the outer grill/mesh door but it did not
open. Subsequent to that, she again pressed the
call-bell and then Dr. Nupur Talwar after opening the
wooden door came near the grill door/mesh door
Page 2
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
situated in the passage and enquired about the
whereabouts of Hemraj to which she replied that she
had no idea of him and then Dr. Nupur Talwar told
her that Hemraj might have gone to fetch milk from
Mother-Dairy after locking the middle grill/mesh
door from outside and she could wait until he
returned. Thereupon, Smt. Bharti Mandal asked Dr.
Nupur Talwar to give her keys so that she may come
inside the house after unlocking the same and then
Dr. Nupur Talwar told her to go to the ground level
and she would be throwing keys to her from
balcony. Accordingly, Smt. Bharti Mandal came
down the stairs and reached the ground level.
Meanwhile, Dr. Nupur Talwar opened the latch of
middle grill/mesh door and told her from balcony
that the door is not locked and only latched from
outside and then Smt. Bharti Mandal came back and
opened the latch of the door and came inside the
house and then thereafter, Dr. Nupur Talwar told
Smt. Bharti “Dekho Hemraj Kya karke gaya
hai” (Look here, what has been done by Hemraj).
When maid Smt. Bharti went in Aarushi’s room she
saw that dead body of Aarushi was lying on the bed
and covered with a white bed sheet and her throat
was slit. She got frightened. Thereafter, she went
down the stairs and informed the inmate of the
house situated in first floor. After that, she left the
house to do her job in another house. By that time,
the parents of Dr. Nupur Talwar and Dr. Dinesh
Talwar, the brother of Dr. Rajesh Talwar reached
there. One Mr. Punish Rai Tandon, resident of L-28,
Sector 25, Jalvayu Vihar also reached there at about
06:15 A.M. and after coming back to his house
Page 3
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
telephoned to the concierge of Jalvayu Vihar to
inform the Police regarding the occurrence.
Accordingly, Mr. Virendra Singh, the security guard
reached there and he was informed by Dr. Rajesh
Talwar that after committing the murder of Aarushi,
the servant Hemraj has fled away. Thereafter, Mr.
Virendra Singh came back to Gate No.01 where
Constable Pawan met him and he was informed
about the incident. Thereupon, Constable Pawan
informed Sub-Inspector, In-charge Police Outpost
Jalvayu Vihar. S.I. Mr. Bachchoo Singh who reached
to the house of the accused at about 07:30 A.M.
where S.P.(City), C.O.(City), Officer-in-charge Police
Station, Sector 20, N.O.I.D.A., Constable Pawan
Kumar and the family members and relatives of the
deceased met him. Meanwhile, Dr. Rajesh Talwar
delated the matter with the Police Station, Sector
20, N.O.I.D.A. stating therein that he lives in L-32,
Jalvayu Vihar, Sector 25, N.O.I.D.A., along with his
wife and daughter Aarushi. The servant Hemraj, who
hails from Nepal used to live in one room of the said
house. His daughter Aarushi, aged about 14 years
was sleeping in her bedroom in the preceding night
but in the morning she was found dead in her bed,
having incised wounds in her throat. The servant has
committed the murder of his daughter who is
missing since night and therefore, the report be
lodged and action taken. On the basis of this report
Case Crime No. 695 of 2008 u/S 302 I.P.C. was
registered against Hemraj and the substance of the
information was recorded in G.D. No. 12 at 07:10
A.M. on 16.05.2008.
Page 4
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
The investigation of the case was taken up by
S.I. Data Ram Naunaria, the Station House Officer of
Police Station, Sector 20, N.O.I.D.A., who during the
course of investigation proceeded to the scene of
crime, inspected the bedroom of the deceased
Aarushi and recorded the statements of Dr. Rajesh
Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar. Meanwhile, Police
Officer S.I. Bachchoo Singh,Officer-In-charge of
Police Outpost Jalyavu Vihar of Police Station Sector
20 and posse comitatus drawn from other Police
Stations also reached there. On inspection of bed
room of Ms. Aarushi it was found that the dead body
of the deceased was lying in the bed, her throat was
slit by a sharp-edged weapon, her head was on
pillow and bed sheet and mattress were soaked with
blood, her T-Shirt (Upper garment) was above the
waist, trouser was just below her waist and twine of
trouser untied but the articles of the room were
found properly arranged and placed in order. The
blood splatters were there on the wall behind the
head- rest of Aarushi’s bed. The services of
Constable Chunni Lal Gautam were requisitioned
who on 16.05.2008 at about 08.00 A.M. took the
photographs of room of Aarushi and lobby. He also
took finger prints on bottle of whisky, plate, glasses,
room of Hemraj, two bottle of liquor, one bottle of
sprite and main door.
Inquest on the dead body of Ms. Aarushi was
held by S.I. Bachchoo Singh, between 8.00 A.M. to
10.00 A.M. in the presence of Panch witnesses.
Thereafter, body was sealed and sent to the morgue
for Post-mortem examination though Constable Raj
Pal Singh and Pawan Kumar along with necessary
Page 5
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
papers. Dr. Sunil Kumar Dohre, Medical Officer,
Incharge of Primary Health Centre, Sector 22,
N.O.I.D.A. conducted autopsy on the cadaver of Ms.
Aarushi between 12.00 o’ clock in the noon till 01:30
P.M. The deceased was aged about 14 years, rigor
mortis was present in both upper limb and lower
limb. She was average built, both eyes were
congested. Whitish discharge was found in the
vagina. The following ante-mortem injuries were
found on the person of the deceased Aarushi:
1) Lacerated wound 4 cm. x 3 cm., 1 cm.
above left eye brow on frontal region. This
injury was entering into skull cavity.
2) Incised wound 2 cm. x 1 cm. on left eye
3) Lacerated wound 8 cm. x 2 cm. on left
parietal region
4) Incised wound 14 cm. x 6 cm. on neck,
above thyroid cartilage. Trachea partially
incised. This wound was 3 cm. away from
left ear and 6 cm. away from right ear and 4
cm. below chin. Left carotid artery was slit.
On internal examination, there was fracture in
left parietal bone. Haematoma 8 cm. x 5 cm. was
present below parietal bone. Similar haematoma
was found on right side of skull, trachea was
partially cut, both the chambers of heart were
empty, lungs were normal. The deceased was
having teeth 15 x 15. Oesophagus and Peritoneum
were normal. Semi-digested food was found. The
deceased had died about 12-18 hours before due to
hypovolemia. Viscera of stomach with contents,
piece of small intestine, piece of liver with gall
Page 6
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
bladder, piece of one kidney was preserved and sent
for examination. Vaginal slides were prepared.
During investigation S.I. Data Ram Naunaria
seized the blood stained pillow, bed sheet and
pieces of mattress from the room of Aarushi in the
presence of witnesses Mohd. Aamir and Digambar
Singh and memo was prepared. Where after, the
room of Hemraj was searched and a bottle
containing Sula wine, one empty bottle of Kingfisher
beer, a plastic bottle of green colour were recovered
and taken into possession. One Ballentine Scotch
bottle containing some liquor was recovered from
the table of dining hall. All these articles were seized
and a memo was prepared and signatures of the
witnesses Mohd. Aamir and Digambar Singh were
obtained thereon. A site-plan was also prepared by
him. The statements of Bharti Mandal, Jeevan, Mohd.
Aamir, Digambar Singh, Shivram, Vakil Ahmad,
Muzib-Ur-Rahman and Akhilesh Gupta were taken.
He tried to go to the roof of the house but the door
of the roof was found locked and the lock was
having blood stains. He asked Dr. Rajesh Talwar to
give the keys of lock of the door of the terrace to
him but Dr. Rajesh Talwar told him that he was not
having the keys and he should not waste his time in
breaking open the lock, else Hemraj will manage to
flee away. On 17.05.2008 Dr. Dinesh Talwar was
asked to provide the key of the lock of the door of
the terrace but he also told that he had no key with
him and therefore, the Investigator Data Ram
Naunaria broke open the lock of the door of the
terrace and went to the terrace along with K.K.
Gautam, a retired police officer, Dr. Sushil
Page 7
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
Chaudhary and Dr. Dinesh Talwar and found the
dead body of Hemraj lying there in a pool of blood.
The dead body was covered with a panel of cooler
and dragging marks were visible. Dr. Dinesh Talwar
was told to identify the dead body but he stated that
he could not recognize the dead body. However Ram
Prasad, Rudra Lal and other persons who had
gathered there identified the dead body as that of
Hemraj. On 17.05.2008 Constable Chunni Lal
Gautam took the photographs and finger prints of
the terrace.
Inquest on the dead body of Hemraj was held
by S.I. Bachchoo Singh betwixt 12.30 to 14.30 and,
thereafter, the dead body was sealed and sent to
mortuary through Constable Raj Pal Singh and
Pawan Kumar along with necessary Police papers.
Dr. Naresh Raj conducted Post-mortem examination
of the dead body of Hemraj on 17.05.2008 at about
9.00 P.M. as per order of the District Magistrate,
Gautam Budh Nagar. The deceased was aged about
45 years and average built. Rigor mortis was
present in the upper and lower limbs and had
passed from head and neck. His eyes were
protruding bilaterally. Bleeding from nostril and
mouth was seen. Penis was swollen. The following
ante-mortem injuries were found on his person:
1) Abrasion 3 cm. x 2 cm. behind the right
2) Abraded contusion 3 cm. x 4 cm. behind the
left elbow
3) Incised wound on the front and sides of neck
above the level of thyroid cartilage. The
wound is 30 cms. long and is situated 5 cm.
Page 8
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
below right ear, 6 cm below left ear and 6
cm below the chin. The wound is involving
the trachea.
4) Abraded contusion 3 cm. x 2 cm. on the left
frontal region 2 cm above the left eye brow
5) Abraded contusion 2 cm. x 2 cm. on the left
frontal region
6) Lacerated wound 3 cm. x 2 cm. x bone deep
on the occipital region
7) Lacerated wound 8 cm. x 2 cm. x bone deep
on the occipital region, 1 cm. below Injury
No. 05.
On internal examination, fracture of occipital
bone was seen. Trachea severed above the thyroid
cartilage. Chambers of both the heart were empty.
Abdomen was distended. The deceased was having
16/16 teeth. 25 ml. liquid contents were seen in the
stomach. The deceased died about 11/2-2 days
before as a result of shock due to hypovolemia,
caused by ante-mortem injuries. Viscera of stomach
with contents, piece of small intestine, piece of liver
with gall bladder, piece of one spleen and kidney
was preserved.
During the course of investigation, a red
coloured water of cooler was taken in a bottle and
its memo was prepared in the presence of
independent witnesses Shivram and Digambar
Singh. Blood stained and plain floor of the terrace
were also taken and memo thereof was prepared
and the signature of witnesses Taman Jeet Singh
Chaddha and Atul Sachdeva were obtained. Siteplan
of the terrace was also prepared by him. On the
same date the statements of Taman Jeet Singh
Page 9
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
Chaddha, Atul Sachdeva, Shiv Ram, Vakil Ahmad,
Digambar Singh, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Dinesh
Talwar were taken. It was found from the
investigation that the evidence of the offence has
been concealed and therefore, Section 201 I.P.C.
was added. Report of slides was received on that
day. Where after, the investigation was transferred
to Mr. Anil Samania, S.H.O. of Police Station Sector
39, N.O.I.D.A. On 18.05.2008 Constable Chunni Lal
took the photographs of dead body of Hemraj from
the mortuary. On 23.05.2008 Dr. Rajesh Talwar was
arrested by the local police.
The Government of Uttar Pradesh issued
Notification No. 1937-VI-P-3-2008-15(48) P/2008

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