Guide for you during Jaat Protests in Delhi

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Guide for you during Jaat Protests in Delhi

Information has been received that there is a strong Jat Arakshan protest on 20th March 2017 in New Delhi/Delhi.

The following routes will be completely closed for the general traffic from 8 PM on 19th March 2017.

1. Kamal Ataturk from Race Course Metro Station to R/A Panchsheel Marg/Niti Marg ( Ashok Hotel R/A)

2. Safdarjung Road from Aurbindo Chowk to R/A GKP

3. Kautilya marg from Samrat R/A to Niti Marg, Kautilaya T Point Near Bihar Bhawan

4. From Teen Murti to Gole Methi round about 5. Zakir Hussain Road for the commuters coming from Nizamuddin to India Gate

The following entry points will be closed from 11 AM on 19th march 2017

1. From Ring Road to San Martin Marg

2. Amrita Shergill from Lodhi Road

3. Max Mullar Mag from Lodhi Road

4. Arch Bishop Macarious from Lodhi Road

5. All lanes leading to Panchkuiya Road except Mandir Marg, R.K. Ashram Marg & Hospital Road

The commuters wishing to travel from South Delhi to Central Delhi and vice versa are advised to use following route:-

1. Ring Road

Note:- 11 PM onwards on 19.3.2017, following categories of persons will be allowed to enter New Delhi District after proper verification and checking.

1. Bonafide residents

2. Employees working in various offices situated in the area of New Delhi District

3. Emergency services

4. Candidates coming to attend interview/examination in the area of New Delhi District.

5. Ambulance, Hearse Van, Fire Brigade]

6. Buses of School children

7. Those who had come to this area for some work

New Delhi will not be used as transit for people going from North to South Delhi or vice versa For general public/commuters the following routes are available:-

North-South Corridor

1. Ring Road- Ashram Chowk-Sarai Kale Khan-I.P. flyover-Rajghat-Ring Road

2. Lala Lajpat Rai Marg- Mathura Road-Bhairon Road –Ring Road

East West Corridor

1. Ring Road-Boulward Road-Baraf Khana ChowkRani Jhansi Road-Faiz Road-D.B.G. Road

2. Vikas Marg/Geeta Colony Flyover-Rajghat Crossing-Delhi Gate-J.L.N. Marg-D.B.G. Road.



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