The festival of Janamashtami will be celebrated on Monday 03.09.2018. Large number of devotees will be visiting various temples on 03.09.2018 evening, till early hours of 04.09.2018. Prominent functions of Janamashtami will be held at:
1. Laxmi Narain Mandir, New Delhi
2. ISKCON Temple, Sant Nagar, Amar Colony
3. Janmashtami Park, Punjabi Bagh
4. Gufawala Mandir, Preet Vihar
5. Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth, Chhattarpur
6. Santoshi Mata Mandir, Hari Nagar

Restrictions around Laxmi Narain Mandir on Mandir Marg during Janamashtami on 03.09.2018 from 02.00 PM onwards :

No vehicle will be allowed on Mandir Marg from R/A Talkatora Stadium towards Mandir Marg upto Peshwa Road – Mandir Marg T-point and vice-versa. Similarly no vehicle will be allowed on Mandir Lane from R/A Shankar Road to Mandir Marg.

Restriction for buses and commercial vehicles:-

1. Panchkuian Road- Mandir Marg ‘T’-Point towards Mandir Marg
2. R/A GPO & Kali Bari Marg – Bhai Veer Singh Marg towards Kali Bari Marg
3. R/A Gole Market towards Peshwa Road
4. Kali Bari Marg – Udyan Marg towards Mandir Marg
5. Peshwa Road towards Mandir Marg
6. Peshwa Road-Udyan Marg T-point towards Mandir Marg
7. R/A Talkatora Stadium towards Mandir Marg
8. Kali Bari Marg- R.K. Ashram Marg towards Mandir Marg
9. Mandir Lane from R/A Shankar Road to Mandir Marg
10. Park Street – RK Ashram Marg T-Point towards Kali Bari Marg.

Buses originating from Shivaji Stadium and going towards Mandir Marg will be diverted towards Panchkuian Road or towards R/A GPO as per the routes of the buses.
Restrictions around ISKCON Temple, Sant Nagar, Amar Colony.

The eastern carriageway of Raja Dheer Sain Marg between Capt. Gaur Marg and Sant Nagar, towards ISKCON Temple shall be pedestrianized. Motorists may use Capt. Gaur Marg and Outer Ring Road to reach their destinations. Further, movement of commercial (Goods carrying vehicles) will be restricted on Capt. Gaur Marg between Outer Ring Road and Ring Road from 1100 hrs on 03.09.2018 to 0100 hrs on 04.09.2018.
For Janamashtami Park, Punjabi Bagh on Ring Road diversion of commercial goods vehicles will be done on need basis, at the following points on 03.09.2018:
1. Ring Road – Raja Garden Crossing
2. Ring Road – Rajdhani T-Point
3. Club Road ‘T’-Point (Punjabi Bagh)
4. Britannia Crossing (Ring Road)
5. Wazirpur Flyover (Ring Road)
6. Punjabi Bagh Crossing (R/A & Fly over)
7. Moti Nagar Crossing
8. Karampura T-Point
9. Shivaji Park Crossing (Rohtak Road)
On this occasion, many Mandir Samities will also take out Janamashtami Shobha Yatras/processions comprising of rath, jhankies, bands, tempos etc. in various parts of Delhi. Traffic will be diverted as per requirement. NO PARKING shall be allowed on the routes of the processions.
General public is advised to be mindful of possible congestion on roads leading to the temples and the routes of the processions. There is likelihood of general slowing down of traffic and congestion on roads. General public and motorists are advised to plan their journeys keeping the festivities and related congestion in mind and keep extra time for their journey so that possible delay can be taken into account. They are also advised to use Metro and other public transport to avoid congestion on roads. Motorists are advised to follow the directions of the traffic policemen deployed on duty to avoid inconvenience.


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